This year, GRUS WATCH has renovated 80% of its collection, introducing a large number of highly important
innovations. First, the new GRUS thermo-rubber strap, designed and manufactured in Spain exclusively by GRUS WATCH.
This is the first time that this thermo-rubber has been used in the watch industry and offers many advantages and features
over other materials: it is washable -even with solvents- and it is highly resistant to UV rays, seawater and swimming-pool
chlorine, it is totally hypoallergenic and highly environment-friendly (100% recyclable).

The exclusive design of the strap and clasp allow a perfect fit on the wrist and make it easy to open and close. The entire
system is very comfortable and is a vast improvement on the traditional buckle. Initially, the GRUS strap has been
manufactured in white, yellow and black, but it is planned to add new colours in the spring of 2001.

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